Balancing the endless love and laundry of marriage (and sometimes the checkbook)

Balancing the Endless Love and Laundry of Marriage (and Sometimes the Checkbook)

It’s been a while since I last dipped my toes into blogosphere water, but I feel that now is the perfect time for me to jump back in.

As a newlywed in a new home (with a kitchen I actually want to try new recipes in), with a new roommate (one of my new brother-in-laws), and a new penchant for keeping everything organized- I thought now is the perfect time to start a new blog. If for nothing else than to keep family and friends across the country updated on our crazy new life.

In the next week or so, I will begin sharing our stories, favorite recipes and tips for getting (and staying) organized. I will also start posting DIY and other decorating advice as I begin making this house a home.

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone, see you next week!