Strength of Stone Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies I’ve Ever Made

Okay, I know that’s not saying much, since I rarely make a dessert that involves the oven (ice cream, anyone?). And to be fair, these aren’t the best tasting chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made (they are easy enough that I can always manage to make them taste good), but the best looking cookies. Normally, my cookies are incredibly flat and boring. Once they even crumbled apart just from picking them up. But feast your eyes on these babies. . .

Strength of Stone - Chocolate Chip Cookies

So not flat and boring!

I’m sure my sister, if she reads this, is rolling her eyes and making fun of me. I realize for those of you who can actually bake, this is normal and no big deal. For me though, it’s a miracle! Especially considering they started out looking like this. . .

Strength of Stone- Cookies

Even I knew there was something wrong with my dough. But what?!

I had no idea what I did wrong. That’s the thing I hate with baking, it’s an exact science- and I didn’t fare well in chemistry.

Did I leave the butter out too long and it softened too much? The dough didn’t taste as good as it normally does, is my baking soda old? I only used a bit though, would that even throw off the consistency? Did I measure something incorrectly? UGH- who knows. At this point, I figured I would toss them in the fridge while I cleaned up the mess, and hopefully my butter theory was correct and they would harden up a bit before I put them in the oven.

So, clean I did. And when I went to put the extra mixing bowl away, I realized what I had done wrong. Because it wasn’t an extra mixing bowl.

In a small bowl, mix the flour and the baking soda together. Set Aside.

Set aside. Set. Aside. Set. . . Aside. . .

Was this a blonde moment, or an Alzheimer moment? Both run in my family.

Either way, it turned into a beautiful thing. I scooped all the cookie piles into the bowl with the flour, and mixed my heart out. I was worried that the texture was too thick, or that the flour wouldn’t mix in completely and the cookies would end up tasting horribly, but they were perfect in regards to both!

I’ll be chilling my dough in the fridge before adding the flour in next time, hopefully they turn out the same and I’ve found a trick for myself!

UPDATE: I chilled the mixture and then added the flour, then folded in the chocolate chips, and they came out of the oven as the flat cookies I hoped I had left behind me! My new theory is that I added the chips before the flour, and that somehow made the difference, so I will try that again next time. That has to be it, right?! I can’t (I won’t) accept that these gorgeous cookies were a fluke.

Strength of Stone - Cookies and Wine

A perfect end to our weekly family dinner!

I’ve been using Martha Stewart’s recipe for soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies, only because I lost Aunt Fay’s recipe in the move. (Talk about the best chocolate chip cookie ever, hers would be it! But, when Aunt Fay makes them. They just aren’t the same when I make them. Don’t even get me started on her cream puffs.)

I truly thought my first story on the blog would be some funny thing David did, but I guess the joke is on me!

What is your favorite cookie recipe? Do you have any tips for making them look as good as they taste?