One Year

“So, how’s married life?”

“Oh, you know. The same but with extra health insurance and tax breaks.”

I’m sure this is not the answer most people expect when asking this question, but I’m not one to romanticize every day life (well, maybe a little on Instagram). It becomes very apparent when I sit down to write; most of my musings get dragged to the trash bin for fear they are too ordinary, too boring.

Today is a different story. I am writing this as we fly from LAX to JFK, the first leg of our journey on the way to some of the most romantic cities in Italy. For the next 18 days, we will be shopping in Milan, relaxing at Lake Como, hiking through the Cinque Terra, sipping wine in Florence, getting lost in Venice, and laying on the beaches of Sardinia as we celebrate our first year together as husband and wife.
I don’t know what is more shocking- that we are finally embarking on this absolutely amazing journey or that it’s already been a year since this happened. . .

As the captain turns on the fasten seatbelt sign, I can’t help but feel this flight represents the many years to come. Traveling side by side to an exciting future, laughing through the light turbulence, holding onto each other during the rougher turbulence, and sharing all of the experiences that lie ahead. 



One thought on “One Year

  1. Doreen says:

    My dear Raven you are not ordinary. 🙂 You are a very interesting writer. The year is up, and the both of you are going on your trip to Italy, to all those wonderful cities, what fun! Enjoy and keep in touch.


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